About Me

I think that I picked up the beauty and history of Bruges because my grandmother lived on the 'Rozenhoedkaai', one the most picturesque corner of Bruges. Gazing out of the window as a child, I saw the boats floating on the canal with the first tourists. Walking over the old cobbled streets still brings back memories holding her hand and listening to her stories about the Counts and Dukes who lived over here. But I also learned about the decline and poverty that struck my city.

Later I walked through the fields of Flanders, feeling the weight of the mud that sticks on your shoes during a rainy day. And I learned about the soldiers, foreigners, who fought for our freedom in that same mud. 

I cycled through the Belgian countryside to discover other cities like Ghent and Antwerp. Plenty of times I made it into Holland to enjoy the waterways and the Polders. And with my car I visited Amsterdam and Paris, always eager to learn.

I was a local guide in Bruges before I started touring through Europe. I worked for English tourists showing them Flanders and Belgium, but also Paris and Amsterdam. Later I became a full time travel professional, mainly working for Insight Vacation and Trafalgar Tours throughout Europe. Showing Europe in 30 days became my specialty. Doing that I've seen Venice, Rome, Vienna, Madrid up to Oslo and Berlin. I also have been cruising on the Rhine and Danube for 2 years. I've guided the most beautiful places in the world but my heart always has stayed here.

And that is what I like to show you: how it is to live over here. To explain why the Americans, Australians, Canadians and Brits have fought in this little corner of the world. To show you the beautiful hidden corners of my city and country.

We offer private guided tours throughout Flanders, Belgium and Holland in a comfortable minivan. On this site you find ready-made tours and shore-excursion, but we can bring you to anywhere you want.

Believe me, I live in a great corner of the world. Come and see it for yourself.

Filip Mattheeuws